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  1. DNB Psychiatry; NBE New Delhi; 2018
  2. MD Psychiatry;LGB Regional Institute of Mental Health (LGBRIMH) MoHFW GoI, Tezpur, Assam; 2017
  3. MBBS; Government Medical College, Nagpur, Maharashtra; 2013


  1. National Sleep Medicine Course (NSMC), Indian Society for Sleep Research (ISSR)
  2. Trained in Neurology and EEG, Gauhati Medical College, Guwahati
  3. Trained in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, NIMHANS Bangalore
  4. Trained in Addiction Medicine and Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programme (STOP), NIMHANS Bangalore



  1. Assistant Professor at Dept. of Psychiatry, ABVM Government Medical College, Rajnandgaon, C.G.
  2. Assistant Professor at Dept. of Psychiatry, Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (MGIMS), Sevagram Wardha
  3. Senior Resident at Dept. of Psychiatry, Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (MGIMS), Sevagram Wardha
  4. Junior Resident at Lokopriya Gopinath Bordoloi Regional Institute of Mental Health (LGBRIMH) Tezpur, Assam



  1. Member of Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS)
  2. Member of Indian Association of Private Psychiatry (IAPP)
  3. Member of International Headache Society (IHS)
  4. Member of Vidarbha Psychiatric Association (VPA)
  5. Member of Association of National Board Accredited Institutions (ANBAI)
  6. Member of Indian Association of Child and Adolescent Mental Health (IACAM)
  7. Member of Indian Association of Geriatric Mental Health (IAGMH)
  8. Member of Indian Society for Sleep Research (ISSR)
  9. Member of National Academy of Medical Sciences (MNAMS)
  10. Member of Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists (IACP)
  11. Member of Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India (ARDSI)
  12. Member of International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM)
  13. Member of International Association of Sexual Medicine Practitioners (IASMPMM)
  14. Member of Epilepsy Society, United Kingdom
  15. Member of Indian Association for Social Psychiatry (IASP)
  16. Member of Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine (CSAM)

Who We Are

Our Medical Practice


Our experience enables us to offer effective outpatient, individualized, psychiatric and psychological care. We treat a number of mental health disorders, and provide a neutral ground to individuals, families, and couples.

Our Treatment Focus


Our focus is to help individuals heal, energize, and become aware of their inner strengths. We achieve this by providing a neutral safe space, listening to your concerns, and customizing a treatment plan. 

Our Patient Promise


We promise to be there for you every step of your journey. Our goal is to help you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and move forward to where you want to be in your life. 

Our Therapy

मनोरोग, न्यूरो रोग, निद्रा रोग, यौन रोग, नशामुक्ति एवं काउंसलिंग


मनोरोग - उदासी, निराशा, चिंता, घबराहट, अत्यधिक विचार करना, डर भय लगना, अकेले बड़बड़ाना मुस्कुराना;

न्यूरो रोग - सिरदर्द (माइग्रेन), मिर्गी, भूलने की बीमारी;

निद्रा रोग - अनिद्रा, नींद टूटना, बुरे सपने, नींद में पेशाब करना;

लैंगिक(यौन) समस्या - शीघ्रपतन, लिंग में कम तनाव, धात जाना;

नशामुक्ति - शराब, तंबाकू, गांजा, अफ़ीम;

बच्चों की समस्याएं - मंदबुद्धि, चंचल, पढ़ाई में कमजोर;

काउंसलिंग - वैवाहिक, पारिवारिक, मानसिक तनाव

Mental illnesses


Management and care of Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Stress related disorders, PTSD, Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, Personality disorders, Alcohol and other Drugs abuse, Child and Adolescent psychiatric disorders. 

Through counseling and treatment, we are able to help you recover motivation, perspective, and joy that you once had in your life. 

Neuropsychiatric disorders


Headache, Pain, Neuropathy, Epilepsy, Dementia, Movement disorders.

Many more...


Sexual problems, Sleep problems, Relationship issues, Performance issues and other counselling.

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Dr. Anantprakash Saraf

(डॉ. ए. एस. सराफ)

MBBS, MD (Psy), DNB (Psy), MNAMS

(एम.बी.बी.एस, एम.डी.(साइकेट्री), डी.एन.बी.(साइकेट्री), एम.एन.ए.एम.एस)

Consultant Neuro Psychiatrist & Counsellor

( मस्तिष्क व मनोरोग विशेषज्ञ एवं काउंसलर)

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Swasth Mann Neuro Psychiatric Clinic

Dr. A. S. Saraf (Consultant Neuro Psychiatrist & Counsellor), Avneesh Medical, Infront of PNB, Ramadhin Marg, Shivnath Colony, Bharka Para, Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh, India


Consultation Hours

Monday to Friday : 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm @ Avneesh Medical Rajnandgaon
2nd & 4th Saturday : 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm @ DNA Hospital Rajnandgaon

Last Sunday : 11 am to 3 pm @ Kawardha Outreach Camp

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